The Influence of Pottery as A Christmas Gift.

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The Influence of Pottery as A Christmas Gift.

Its finally December! With Christmas right around the corner. It’s time to get into the give and receive culture. The hardest part of a Christmas check-list is the picking of gifts. If you are tired of buying multicolored socks and overpriced jewelry for your friends and family. Here are some beautiful pottery pieces that would make the perfect Christmas Gift.

Before we get into this, let us remember that the Christmas heart is a giving heart that thinks of others first. When Getting someone a gift you should consider the following:

  1. Something that they could use for years
  2. Something that has multiple uses
  3. Something that is unique to them

What is this something you ask? Udaka pottery’s decorative pieces are the ideal gift because they are skillfully and meticulously crafted.


Egg-shaped Decorative Piece

This piece is crafted by hand using natural clay, baked in a kiln oven – then painted and polished. It could be use as it is by the entryway/living room, or as light vase outdoor.



Terracotta carved Decorative Piece

This uniquely shaped piece would work brilliantly as an accent weed pot in one’s living or dining room, entryway or even office. Often accompanied with blooming flowers/plants. It is an aesthetically pleasing art that elevates the room and evokes feelings of balance. Buy it here.


Crocodile statue

This handmade Crocodile statue is lightweight and made of clay, it is an ideal piece to decorate any room in the house or just as an accent to a classic country kitchen. The artistic nature of the crocodile has played a mythical role in some cultures, for example some kiawians believe that their father was a crocodile.

Terracota carved candle holder

This handmade candle holder is very multi-functional. This Candle Holder could come as one or as a set of candle holders. You can either place the set together as an elegant centerpiece or space them out to provide a little light along each table. It is the Perfect gift because it has the power to immerse anyone into the romantic feel of a candlelight dinner.

Table centerpieces

This handmade pieces are made of clay and cannot be made exactly the same shape of each piece! This item is a masterpiece guaranteed to fascinate you every day. It is the perfect gift for your dining table or as a decor piece.



This goblet has been burnished and smoked. This is one of the finishing techniques used at Udaka to give the pieces an authentic glossy finish. This goblet can be used as a decorative piece as well as a vase to put flowers since it has a wide top.

Decorative vase

This handmade indoor vase is perfect for flowers or any other decorative purposes. This vase has been burnished and smoked, wheel-thrown and hand-turned to ensure fine walls and surface, it would make a perfect gift for pottery lovers.

Milk Jar

An exceptional and stunning milk jar. It is known for its beauty and artistry because of its glaze combinations that give it a spiral effect. Nothing complements wonderful conversation better than a delicious cup of tea! It will make a great decorating piece or gift. 

Are you  now convinced that these decorative pieces crafted by Udaka Pottery are the ideal Christmas gift for your loved ones. The artist transforms every single piece of pottery so that they are decorative, beautiful, artistic and most importantly functional. The complexity of her vision and talent shines notable through every piece. They are usually made on pre-order and you can purchase the pieces directly from the website or contact Udaka pottery directly through Social networks to make an order.


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